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The Workshop

Rap, Rhythm & Rhyme: Rebuilding the Writing Foundation

Erik Cork with Workshop students

Grammatical and Verbal Reawakening

This Fast-Paced Writing Workshop empowers students to systematically organize their thoughts and communicate them effectively on paper. Lively learning strategies are passionately demonstrated. Music, laughter, mnemonic devices and audience participation make it a visually stimulating and physically intoxicating buffet of teachable techniques for professional educators who are absolutely serious about reaching each and every one of their students. This Language Arts Seminar has been described as a "Grammatical and Verbal Reawakening."

Dramatically Improving Test Scores

AYP requirements are routinely met and exceeded by schools from coast-to-coast that participate in this all-day literacy workshop. If the goals on your campus also include keeping your students motivated, actively involved and eagerly engaged (while electrifying and demystifying the writing process) - then you should gather a few of your professional colleagues, curriculum coordinators and language arts specialists to attend a session as our special guests.

Leading Your Students to Discovery

When meaningful research data is fertilized and validated by measurable results and enthusiastic student application, exemplary standardized test scores should be the sweet academic fruit it consistently yields. Is your campus sprouting young poets, authors and journalists? Are energetic editors emerging on the playground? Are positive attitudes blossoming in your classrooms when it comes to compositions and vocabulary? Do your students really know what their true voice (and not the sheer volume of it) actually sounds like? Do your students enjoy and look forward to picking up a pen or a pencil? Desire “to do” is evidence of the Potential “to do.” This energetic writing workshop is where some of the healthiest Language Arts seeds and practices are planted, watered, enriched and reinforced, year-round.

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